Recent publications and presentations

Elisabeth Goodman. Good Practices in Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration.  An introductory webinar for CILIP’s Knowledge and Information Management SIG. 27th February 2019. (Blog on the conversation during the webinar:

Elisabeth Goodman. Navigating the Stormy Seas of Project Management.  A perspective on Life Science SMEs.  Webinar presentation to the APM.  4th December 2018 (Transcript of presentation –

Elisabeth Goodman.  The Effective Team’s Facilitation Workbook, RiverRhee Publishing, November 2018

Elisabeth Goodman.  The Effective Team’s Knowledge Management Workbook, RiverRhee Publishing, November 2016

Elisabeth Goodman.  Health Check.  Monitoring how teams work together can benefit project knowledge-sharing.  APM Project Journal, Summer 2016, issue 287, pages 54-55

Elisabeth Goodman,  More Common Factors for Managing Successful Change seminar for the APM Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire branch and the APM Enabling Change SIG, Leeds 28th January 2016

Elisabeth Goodman and Carl Halford, “Process Improvement and Change Management“, APM Thames Valley and Enabling Change SIG event, Reading 29th October 2015

Simon Williams and Elisabeth Goodman, workshop on “Social Communities – Fostering communities to enable change” at the PMO Conference, 22nd October 2015

Elisabeth Goodman and John Ridell.  How to add value to your organisation as a “knowledge facilitator”, CILIP Conference July 2015 (see related blog “Weavers of knowledge in our communities“.)

Elisabeth Goodman.  The Effective Team’s Operational Excellence Workbook.  RiverRhee Publishing, June 2015

Martin Taylor and Elisabeth Goodman.  How to keep programmes on track and teams inspired during periods of change.  APM Midlands event, Nottingham, 24th February 2015.

Elisabeth Goodman.  Enabling change at GlaxoSmithKline.  Project, pp30-31, December 2014 (See also the recording from an APM webinar – Changing how we change – Jan 2015)

Elisabeth Goodman and John Riddell.  Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry – lessons for all sectors, CILIP, October 2014

Elisabeth Goodman and John Riddell.  Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Enhancing Research, Development and Manufacturing Performance.  Gower.  September 2014.

Elisabeth Goodman.  The Effective Team’s High Performance Workbook.  RiverRhee Publishing.  August 2014

How to positively navigate change and deliver greater value to your customers, Health Libraries Group conference – Oxford, 25th July 2014

Steve Boronski and Elisabeth Goodman.  Project Management through a knowledge and information management lens.  Perfect Information Conference (PIC 2014), Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire, 7th-9th May 2014

Elisabeth Goodman.  Facilitating Operational Excellence in and for Business Change Projects, APM Midlands Event, Coventry, 30th January 2014.

Elisabeth Goodman.  The Effective Team’s Change Management Workbook.  RiverRhee Publishing, 2013

Elisabeth Goodman.  Team Development, in Gower Handbook of People in Project Management. Ed Dennis Lock and Lindsay Scott.  Gower Publishing Ltd, 2013 Chapter 32, pp. 403-415

Elisabeth Goodman. Understanding and using our personal strengths to achieve high performance teams. CILIP Health Libraries Group Newsletter, September 30 (3), 2013 pp. 6-8

Elisabeth Goodman and John Riddell.  Knowledge Management Surgery 2 – Communities of Practice.  Managing Information, Vol 20 (3), 2013 pp. 56 – 57

Elisabeth Goodman.  Are you doing the right things right?  Information Today Europe, 29th May 2013

Elisabeth Goodman.  Presentation during Where does information management end, and knowledge management begin? An APM evening seminar in Birmingham, 14th May 2013

Elisabeth Goodman.  Social Media – why use it?  What’s the ROI? presented at Cambridge Networking Breakfast Networking event on Marketing, 25th April 2013, Cambridge

Elisabeth Goodman.  16 ways to innovate.  Personality Matters – OPP’s Blog.  9th January 2013.

Elisabeth Goodman and John Riddell.  Knowledge Management Surgery – How to get started in Knowledge Management. Managing Information, vol 19 (8), 2012 pp. 54 – 55

Elisabeth Goodman and John Riddell.  Organising and Retrieving Knowledge: Making Knowledge Accessible at ASLIB/IFEG half day conference Fuelling the knowledge engine: the contribution of information management expertise 29th November 2012, London

Elisabeth Goodman. Workshop on Open Innovation as part of PIPMG: “Discovery to Market: Three Critical Stages – Turning Ideas into Projects”, 19th-20th November 2012, London

Elisabeth Goodman and Lucy Loh.  The Mindset for Open Innovation in Open Innovation in Action – Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst OI Summit, 15th November 2012

Elisabeth Goodman. Information Analysis: A Lean and Six Sigma Case Study. Business Information Review 2012;29 83-86

Elisabeth Goodman.  Putting twitter in your knowledge management toolbox.  Fumsi, 5th April, 2012

Elisabeth Goodman. Social media: an “omnichannel” route to communication and learning in Library and Information Management  CILIP’s East of England Jan 2012 Sunrise pp. 4-6

Elisabeth Goodman and Lucy Loh. Organizational change: A critical challenge for team effectiveness. Business Information Review, 28(4) 242-250, December 2011.

Doing more with what you’ve got.  CILIP Update with Gazette, November 2011, p.46

LinkedIn: An awesome information resource for building your reputation, your connections and your knowledge. FUMSI, 1st June 2011

Sustaining Effective Continuous Improvement In An Organisation: A Holistic View. Presented at IQPC Business Process Excellence in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Medical Devices London, 7th April 2011

If we are not focusing our our customer(s) then we are just passing the time! Sunrise, Newsletter of CILIP, East of England branch, Issue 1, March 2011, pp. 1-2 Applying knowledge management to operational excellence in a laboratory environment . Presented at Smart Lab Exchange, 28 February – 2 March, 2011, Berlin

Looking for opportunities – backed by transferable skills. CILIP Update with gazette, February 2011, pp. 46-47

How people (individuals) are integral to business process improvement In Supply Chain Management in the Drug Industry: Delivering Patient Value for Pharmaceuticals and Biologics, by Hedley Rees, Wiley, 2011 pp. 372-376

How to successfully implement business change.  Pipeline, The Journal of the Pharmaceutical and Pharmacovigilance Association, Issue 30, September 2010, pp 41-43

How to make the most of your information and knowledge assets Pipeline, The Journal of the Pharmaceutical and Pharmacovigilance Association, Issue 29, June 2010, pp 8-10 Achieving more value with less. Return on behavior magazine, edition 22, 26 April 2010. How Lean and Six Sigma can help you to ‘do things right’. Simplifying and Streamlining what you do.Pipeline, The Journal of the Pharmaceutical Information and Pharmacovigilance Association, Issue 28, March 2010, pp.6-8

How Lean can bring real benefits to innovation in Pharmaceutical Research Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ, 8th January 2010,

Using surveys and other approaches for determining customer value in Medical Information (MI) – a paper based on the Medical Information and Communications track of the DIA’s 3rd Annual Clinical Forum.

Pipeline,The Journal of the Pharmaceutical Information and Pharmacovigilance Association, Issue 27, December 2009, pp.20-22

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