Contributors sought for new book on Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

John Riddell and Elisabeth Goodman are writing a book on “Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Enhancing Research, Development and Manufacturing Performance”.

Whilst the book will be focused on the Pharmaceutical Industry, our aim is to discuss and demonstrate how Knowledge Management can be applied in a variety of environments.

We hope that existing and potential KM practitioners, both within and outside the Pharmaceutical Industry, will be able to gain valuable guidance and advice from the examples of good practice and the lessons learned that will be included in the book.

Whilst we are already beginning to contact people that we believe have valuable insights, experiences and perspectives to share, we’d love to hear from anyone we already know, or don’t know, who would like to contribute.

Please do get in touch via if you’d be interested in discussing this further.  We look forward to hearing from you.


7 responses to “Contributors sought for new book on Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. Hello John and Elisa,

    I am from India and it was wonderful to see your blog. Good to know about the book that you are coming up on Knowledge management in Pharmaceutical industry. I am not sure if i could contribute to this however i am inclined to this area of application of knowledge management as i am currently doing research in the application of knowledge management in Pharmaceutical Research and Development. I wish you all the very best and looking forward to read this book.

    Warm regards


  2. elisabethgoodman

    Dear Joseph, thank you so much for your interest and encouraging words. If you come across anyone else that you think we should consider to contribute to the book, do let us know. We will also keep you informed of the progress with the book.
    Best Regards

  3. Hello Elisabeth,

    I am happy to contribute if I can be of help, following 25 years in the industry and collaboration across Pharma companies.

    • elisabethgoodman

      Thanks John – I’ll send you some more background to help us assess if / how you could provide the most valuable input.

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  6. elisabethgoodman

    I’m pleased to say that this book is now complete. Further information including how to purchase the book can be found on Gower’s website Do get in touch if you would like details of the authors’ discretionary discount, available until 31st December 2014.

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